Jay Matsueda

A nearly complete list in reverse chronological order, with links to assets that I was able to dig up, such as prior band websites, thumbnails of past releases, show flyers, mp3 samples, discographies, gig-ographies, promotional photos, etc.

As founder:        
Jay Matsueda with backing band & solo (2006-Present) Current project's site pages. Songs used in Walt Mancing's "American Macho Buddha" film (2009) and supposedly in a 2013 short by Xan Rogers (although I've never seen it finished). Discography below:

jay discography

• Four Years Old duo with Kristofer McNeeley (vox and 2nd gtr); (circa 2004-2006) Old website. The site continued to be used to promote individual efforts after we ceased collaborating. Logo designed by Rod Dyer. Songs used in short films called "Close Shave" and "Getting Into Character." Discography below:
  Four Years Old
Morris Lane four-member alternative rock group (circa 2002-2004): Old website, and the farewell page when we dis-banded. Discography: none, but mp3s published on old site. Line-up began as Jay Matsueda (bass), George Gordon (gtr), Jeff Austin Black (vox/2nd gtr) and Chris Heuer (drms). After Chris left, the late David Falcon (previously of band Lucy Falcon) stepped in for subsequent live shows.
  Morris Lane logo <our logo, by Gary Bernard    
• Bass guitar together with Tony Medeiros (circa 2001/2002) for a co-writing project, demos only - no site, no band name, no shows. He later integrated his original material from this effort into a project called Absolute Zen. Not sure if our co-written material was played during Absolute Zen live shows. Nothing released, however.
Radical 3 Over 2 duo with pianist & sax player Justin Chart (circa 2000). Demos only. Placeholder webpage. One public performance at Masquer's Cabaret, together with a drummer whose name I can't recall. We found the drummer based on the advert below, placed in Music Connection Magazine twice next to each other, to instantly stand out.
  < our ad.... our logo, by Gary Bernard > logo by gary bernard
Good Cop Bad Cop duo with Matt Kapuchinski (1995-1996) Discography below. One performance recorded live from the lobby of a High Rise dorm was broadcast on UTV - no known copies.
good cop bad cop kapuchinski
**RARE** PARMESAN compilation, track 1 "Just a Husk" written by Matt. Also on this CD, Gabe Rutman (aka Gabriel Mann) as a soloist and in band Thriphtway, and Bliss on Bliss (including vocalist Adam Matta).
Monosodium Glutamate trio with Kevin McDaniel and Steve Taylor; session bassist Terry Forth on our cassette (1992-1993). Included on Public Access television as a trio on the Doug & Dana Show; re-broadcast for years. One prior show in Hartford as a duo (without Kevin), but a bassist at the venue asked to join in -- we let him, and he ruined the songs.
Monosodium Glutamate
**RARE** My first officially released recording. White cassette with band name
handwritten in black Sharpie. J-card was photographic paper.
The Never Ever Band full band with [L to R:] Toby Bussa (drms), Jung Lee (bass), myself, Tom Hoo (piano), Jason Hatchell (vox); (circa 1991) Discography: none. One live performance in Hill House, 34th & Walnut, Philadelphia.
  Never Ever Band  
Jay Matsueda with friends, e.g. Seth Noar, Andy Simard and others (1990-1991)

• High school trio for Talent Show (1991) with Seth and Andy. One performance only, cover of "No Myth" by Michael Penn. Seth and I also accompanied Dominic Rippel and Scott Rice on their contribution to the Talent Show, a cover of "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M. Photos of Andy, Seth, and me - taken by one of Andy's siblings: 1 2 3

    • Sang original "Shining Star" song by Hank Brownstein with Seth Noar during graduation (1991), in remembrance of our friend Matt Garilli.
Jay Matsueda (1990) Early writing and learning to play. Mainly picking up pointers from Seth Noar.
As sideman:        
Bass guitar with Alnilam, (2016-2017), One live show at TAIX Restaurant's 321 Lounge in Los Angeles on February 10, 2017. Co-wrote one original new song with the group, called "April." Only rough rehearsal recordings exist. No demos, etc.
Bass guitar with Cody Huddock, (2012) Three demos initially released on bandcamp - Who's With Me, Big Star (Drives A Fast Car), and You're With Me - only to later be removed/replaced with final versions from his studio album (which I did not play on) that can be heard HERE.
Electric guitar with Rena Wren, (June/July 2011) live shows at House of Blues, Talking Stick, Kulak's and Gentlebarn.org
  rena wren
Bass guitar with 'Lady Katherine,' (1/25/11) duo w/ Heather Donaldson at The Mezz in Alexandria Hotel, Downtown L.A.
  Lady Katherine Heather the mezz at the alexandria hotel  
Bass guitar with Salt Petal, (2010) live shows
  Played @ The Echo (pictured), Rusty's, Taix, Pershing Square, Good Hurt, Juanita's, Self Help Art Center (East L.A.), etc.
Bass guitar for a Jeff Austin Black, show at Highland Grounds, L.A., CA - with Matt Dahlgren on guitar.
Bass guitar for an Aaron Saffa, (2002) show at the Double Down Saloon, LV, NV. With George Kurtis on drums, Jake on guitar.
  aaron saffa double down salloon